At Brite Divinity School (250 students/50 Faculty/staff) our technology office is staffed with 1 full time director and up to 4 students who collectively comprise almost 40 hours per week.

We are considering replacing the students with a half time staff person (non-student) that would focus on educational technology support. That would cover tasks like classroom Help requests to assisting faculty with development of instructional media, digital presentations, livestreaming (lecture capture) and formal presentation support like public lectures that happen in our conference center.

Has anyone had success with non-student positions with this type of scope? Laura Willhelm's Educational Technologist post on the ning site was really helpful (Thanks Laura).

From where do schools recruit tech-savvy staff?

Thanks for the feedback, Loren

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I would look at a technical school/community college.  Most of these places are eager to post positions like this.  I still get job info in my email from the college I attended through


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