What framework or methodology works best for you to effectively run your IT department's projects?

What framework have you found most effective for managing IT projects?

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Can you help me to respond by being more specific about what you mean by a "framework" or "methodology"?
Sure Mary, what I'm after is trying to see what others are doing to be very effective in managing projects.  There are standards and best practices that govern various other business sectors that seem to really help get a handle on projects.  For instance, Project Management (PMP)  www.pmi.org seems to be very effective as well as ITIL for IT.  Does that make sense?
Yep, that makes sense -- and makes it clear that I won't have anything to offer since I work in the arena of pedagogy, not IT management. Granted, we work with various digital technologies in the midst of that, but the framework we use is "understanding by design" (Wiggins and McTighe), and I suspect is not what you're searching for. Thanks for the clarification, though! I imagine others in this group will have something to offer.


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