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Please view the presentation on Harding University's iTuneU site. The file is being formatted today (May 13th). It will be loaded in iTunes by tomorrow morning. I will provide a link to this discussion thread tomorrow that will take you straight to the presentation to download.

Our objectives are two-fold:
1. To demonstrate an example of a global classroom that strives for spiritual transformation.
2. To provide a basic instructional design for transformational learning.

If you would like to preview the slides without the audio, please click on the ppt file I am attaching here.

I look forward to our discussions!

Tim Westbrook
Welcome to "World Christian: Spiritual Transformation, Global Experience, and Instructional Design." In this presentation I will highlight one of Harding University's online Bible courses that is offered to students at multiple campuses, worldwide, each semester. World Christian is an undergraduate introduction to Harding's missions curriculum. The principles used for this course may be applied to Bible courses at any level.

Follow this link to iTunesU to download the presentation:

Tim Westbrook
Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing your presentation regarding the "World Christian" course that you offer at Harding. I was curious as to how many students are able to participate at your international locations and what kind of Learning Management System are you using for your online courses?



Thank you for your questions. This summer I have 64 students enrolled. About half of these are at our overseas campuses, the rest are scattered throughout the US. Potentially, we could have well over 100 students from the international campuses participating, but we have not yet reached that point.

We have been using Blackboard, Campus Edition 6. Let me say that I have found "groups" in CE6 to be most helpful! For example, these 64 are randomly divided into three groups. As far as they are concerned, they only have about 20 in their class.

Tim W.


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