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Here are some slides from a presentation prepared for the National Consultation on Spiritual Formation in Distance Education.
Stephen, This is some very interesting stuff. In fact, it directly relates to a huge challenge that I am facing right now as Dean for Distance Learning, especially in the context of a phone call I recieved last night from one of our students. We are not making adequate use of the primary social environement for the advancement of the learning and assimilation of our students. Your data demonstrates that what is supposed to be a foundational advantage of experiential learning (distance learning in the church community) is not being taken advantage of. I would like to use some of this for a presentation to our faculty. Any additional piece you have written to flesh the powerpoint out would be appreciated. Douglas Rutt

You can find this in much more detail in my dissertation on "accessible education" or "situated learning" which is available from UMI/Digital Dissertations. Unfortunately, it is rather technical. I hope to convert it into a more user-friendly form, such as an article for Christian Education Journal in the future.

-- Steve


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