Presentation by Ruth Anne Reese, Paul Tippey, and Jay Endicott

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In this flash presentation, Dr. Ruth Anne Reese, Jay Endicott and Paul Tippey share how Asbury Theological Seminary is focusing on Spiritual Formation. You can view the presentation at Also feel free to explore Asbury Seminary's website at We look forward to your comments.
Thank you for this presentation. You seem to have a well designed program and sophisticated integration of your school's mission and available technology. You may have mentioned this in the presentation, but how many residential students attend Asbury, and how many distance students are enrolled?
Thanks for your question. Our apologies for not mentioning our enrollment stats in the presentation. We currently have about 1,600 students and three campuses. The Wilmore, KY, campus has approx 870 students, Orlando has just over 200 and our Virtual Campus has about 520 off-site students. Our on-campus students do make use of the virtual campus technology as well for accessing resources but are classified as "on-campus". Integrating formation among these three campuses is a challenge. We find that each campus has its own distinct community\culture yet still adheres to the overall Asbury mission and core values.
Thank you for the information. I like the way you introduce your incoming students to the core values of the school. We are considering ways to do that for our undergraduate, liberal arts students as incoming freshmen. I've already shared your presentation with the chairman of our curriculum committee in our College of Bible and Religion.
I'm glad you found this presentation to be helpful and wish you the very best in this endeavor. Please let us know if you have further questions down the road. I'm sure we would be happy to assist in any way and would be interested in how the process works out for you. Thanks for your feedback!


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