This semester, I'm teaching an online course in Dante's Divine Comedy. The students move through one canto a day for 100 days. Each day, I post a short video reflection on the canto, and the students have an opportunity to respond to it on the discussion board. Only 7 responses are required for the Inferno, 6 for the Purgatorio, and 7 for the Paradiso, so students have a choice as to where to place their responses within Dante's cosmos.


On February 13, we exited hell. We begin the Purgatorio on Ash Wednesday. We begin the Paradiso on Easter Sunday. During the time of this online workshop, the students will make it halfway through the Purgatorio. I'll post the the link to its developing video reflections on Wednesday, February 17.


In the meantime, the link to my reflections on the Inferno are located at


Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP

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