We've been doing our student course evaluations online in Moodle for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, our response rates have gone down, and the reporting capabilities could be better. However, it's a lot less labor intensive than getting all the paper evaluations out to classes at the end of the semester, and then getting them collected and typed in. Is anybody using commercial or open source software for doing student course evaluations that is easy to use but still has good reporting capabilities? Anybody have suggestions for doing online evaluations, but still keeping the response rates up?

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We have found that running our course surveys through our administrative systems works better than doing it through our LMS.  The main reason is that students don't get to see their transcripted grade until they have completed the survey for the class.  It ensures that surveys are completed, and that we have electronic copies to facilitate interpretation of the data.


We use CAMS for those functions.

Hello Venita - at Lexington Theological we occasionally a free web based survey tool called Insightify.  The survey creator is very user-friendly and the software creates nice visuals once the survey has closed.  If you have any questions about this tool please let me know.


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