Just to make things more interesting in the ever-changing technology world, this report on Inside Higher Ed about Pearson's entry with a "totally free" LMS:
Not only is Pearson modeling it after Google Apps for higher ed, they're partnering with Google.
What do you think? Does your institution use Google Apps (mine does)? Will you consider this model? 

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I think there's some good perspective here: Pearson's "Free" LMS

I could see undergraduate publishers moving increasingly towards "entire packages".  Not just the text, but instructional videos, forums, online workbooks, etc.  Instead of buying a textbook, you buy a course.  That raises a lot of questions about "where's the prof in all of this."  I see that problem now in what a lot of publishers want to sell our department for the undergraduate teaching I do at another school.

We're just not that big a market for Publishers.  Many of our texts are obscure, useless to the larger market, and not easy to design a "complete package" around.  Theological Education will probably remain on the outskirts as Publishers jockey for position in the more competitive segments of the Ed market.


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