At Brite Divinity School we are adding twelve new classroom/conference room spaces to our facilities. Previously all four classrooms were managed with Outlook Calendars for scheduling.

What are other people using for classroom/conference room scheduling of up to 25 rooms?

Loren D. J. Baxter
Brite Divinity School

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Until the whole campus went with Ad Astra, we were using EMS Lite from Dean Evans & Associates ( and we were quite happy with it.


Duane Harbin
Perkins School of Theology

I thought it might be helpful to mention where we now. The university encouraged us to get away from using Outlook Calendars for this purpose and suggested migrating to Sharepoint.

We decided to use an open-source PHP project, Meeting Room Booking System to manage and generate reports on classrooms and conference spaces. Events are color coded to break out Events (External or Internal) and Classes. We can create separate calendars within and one example is Visitor Parking reservations. Users can easily see what time a room is booked and for how long and event details are summarized on mouse-over and more details can be gained by clicking on the entry.

One person manages the schedule though several contingency administrators have access as well as myself for user management. It isn't particularly "mobile friendly" but that wasn't, and still isn't, a priority for us.

The larger university with whom we have a relationship (Texas Christian University) uses Ad Astra.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.


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