Mic configuration solutions for synchronous video courses

Our new centers were built to support synchronous video courses.  The mics installed in the centers are omni-directional choir mics that pick-up any sound coming into the room (specifically the audio coming from the other end of the conversation) and send it back through WebEx creating an echo loop.  This is very distracting for instructors and students.  I believe the correct fix to be getting the right mics or mic system.  

If money were no object, I would buy a RevoLabs Fusion 8 mic kit.  

One mic for the instructor and 7 more for students to share on one end of the conversation, on the other end 8 mics for students to share.  No interference, no feedback, the mics come with a charging station so batteries are also taken out of the equation.  

Can anyone recommend a system configuration, echo cancelation equipement, that would fix the problem?  Mics being rechargeable is not a hill I would die on.  I have looked into some infrared systems but not sure how long the batteries last.


Aaron Huestis


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We're using some of the Revolabs equipment for phone conferencing.  It is a really attractive solution.  Our set has one central speaker, and two satellite mics, all of which connect wirelessly to a base station which accesses the phone signal.  It is so nice not to have to tape down wires, and run phone and power to the conference table anymore.

How many students would this solution need to scale to in the future?


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