The March TTEG webinar is coming Tuesday, March 26 at 2 pm EDT. The topic:

Cloud Computing Resources for Teaching and Learning: An Overview

John Kahler, TTEG Ed Tech steering committee member, Higher Education and Media Consultant

“Cloud-­based” resources, both applications and content, offer advantages and disadvantages for teaching and learning. This webinar will explore both “free” and fee-based resources  that could be useful in the classroom. Examples will be presented, and questions to be raised include: What are the advantages to using resources that can be accessed and used for free, and should that be an important determinant in selecting a cloud resource? When is a fee-­based online resource advantageous? What is the future  as many things “take to the cloud?”

Use the discussion thread below to share some of your favorite cloud computing resources, or to raise questions or issues you would like to have addressed in the webinar.

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We have found that Google drive for collaborative document construction is a critical part of our course design process.  The issue is that our school is driven by Active Directory sign-on, so having faculty and staff use google tools requires an additional authentication step.  This is an issue - with the proliferation of could services, how do we adopt or implement solutions that require multiple sign-ons, especially with faculty who are less tech-savvy, and easily disoriented by multiple systems?  Is it safe to leave the corral of school systems when working with students?  What FERPA or HIPPA concerns are occasioned by having students use their own social networking ID's or accounts for curricular work?

Thanks Kirby, good questions and observations. Stay tuned! - John


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