Hello Team - I work at Lexington Theological and I'm looking into moving to the cloud as way of backing up our documents.  However, there are a number or con's as well as pro's when you move to the cloud.  Are there any institutions moving or thinking about moving this direction.  Any suggestions/tips would be welcomed.

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It depends on the type of documents, and the vendor you're using to do it.


As a general rule, assume that if it's on the cloud, everyone can see it.  I know, encryption, etc. etc.  There was an issue with dropbox last Spring where they accidentally unencrypted EVERYTHING on their server for a few hours.  




I would make sure the company I was working with had a good reputation, and was used by private organizations (banks, other people who handle and store confidential info).  Otherwise, you could be lined up for a spectacular breach of FERPA.


Hope that helps!

Hello Kirby - thank you for your suggestions.  The big question I keep running into is the concept of encryption.  Even though all documents will be encrypted, you run the risk of outsiders being able to hack into the system.  Then again, all systems can be hacked, but when you move to the cloud this concept is increased since outsiders can run algorithms to break into your cloud.

Thanks again.!


Yep, it's a big deal.  The only thing I could think of would be to prepare your data, pop it into a dmg, and then encrypt that image.  Still, it's a question of assuming people will have access to it.




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