I'm wondering if anyone has a job description for an educational/academic technologist position that they would be willing to share?

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Here is a job description from Luther Seminary (full description attached)

Luther Seminary Position Description (10/5/08)

Job Title: Teaching & Learning Technologist
Department: Office of the Academic Dean
Reports to: Director of Learning Design & Technology

Summary: As a part of the Learning Design & Technology team, work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students of Luther Seminary to support student learning through learning design and the use of technology. This includes partnering with faculty in the learning design process to make the best uses of available teaching methods and in the best uses of technology to enhance student learning; supporting on campus and online courses through the creation of web sites, supporting the use of the course management system, and developing audio visual learning objects; supporting faculty and student use of other communication technologies; and exploring new technologies that can support student learning. This also includes supporting faculty and student use of learning technologies through training and tutorials, troubleshooting, and providing other support services, as well as other duties as assigned.
Dear Dan,
Thanks very much for sending this. Very helpful!
Hi Laura,
From the descriptions I've seen, there's a lot of ground you can cover with Educational or Instructional Technologist job descriptions.

It comes down to the priorities for your institution, I suppose. Will this person be responsible for maintaining equipment in a classroom, recording and editing lecture capture material, maintaining and updating the LMS, or training faculty? The skills and aptitudes represented in that list vary wildly. What's the single, biggest need of your school? I would say that drawing a picture of the kind of person who can fulfill that role is your first step. Student workers or part-time staff can be retained to do video editing, equipment maintenance, tier 1-2 tech support, and the like.
Dear Kirby,
Thanks for your repsonse. I posted this a little while ago so I thought you might like to see the description that we came up with for our specific position.
First off, I love the job title! I think this helps to position this person's role as helping with the work of education, not the work of "Can you reset my email password for me?"

Don't underestimate the role of personality and experience in training for this position. Training faculty in the use of technology simply won't happen in a group session. It won't happen effectively in a "here's some screen recordings on how to use the LMS" context either. Both can be helpful, but teaching non-techies in the effective use of computers and systems is a one-on-one task. I know that this is an assertive statement to make, but it's based on 3 years as a trainer with Apple. I have helped 90+ year-olds move from, "you mean there's an on button?" to taking extension courses from Harvard online. It's done one hour at a time, one person at a time, when it's done at all. My mother, who is a very non-techie person but a GREAT nurse, has told me numerous times how frustrating it is when her hospital tries to train 75 nurses in a classroom on how to use the new patient charting systems. Simply ineffective.

The upshot of this is that your candidate - if their job features faculty training - needs to be a very patient person who will NOT touch a mouse or keyboard while they are training someone. Perhaps a demonstration of "how they would teach someone to post on wikipedia" would be a good first or second round interview question. If they touch the mouse or keyboard while showing you how to complete the task, look for another candidate!

I'd really like to know how well this position has served the school/faculty in the last couple of years. Has it remained a part-time position? Have faculty embraced this resource? If the job description has changed, it would be helpful to see the latest draft.

Thanks for a rich discussion and for sharing resources!



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