Is anyone using eportfolios for student progress/program assessment purposes?  I am interested in hearing about your portfolio review process, how you are turning portfolio review information into quantifiable data, and what databases you are using to store, report, and analyze that data.


Therese DeLisio

Associate Dean for Academic Leadership

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

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Hi Therese,

Doesn't seem to be too much moving here, so let me offer a limited perspective.  We took a serious look at E-Portfolio as a system to do "capstone" evaluations of MDiv students, and perhaps maintain an archive of learning artifacts for assessment purposes across campuses and programs.  It was tested at one of our campuses, who have since adopted it with a more limited set of purposes.

We are a Sakai school, and as such were using the Portfolio features of our LMS.  Even then, it would have taken considerable programming time, support hours from our vendor, and the unanimous efforts of our faculty to roll this out successfully.  This is a tough sell to students and faculty, as there seems to be very little upside to them, and seems like "one more thing" they are having to do administratively that is not "direct instruction."

From my (very) limited research and experience, the best I can say is that if you're going to roll this out, don't go for half-measures.  Make sure that this will be a full-court press by all of the stakeholders at your school.  You will need to over-communicate to your faculty and students what the advantages of the system are for them, and have a dedicated team of champions among them.

Hope that's helpful,

Kirby Francis

Director of Instructional Design

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


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